Empowering Futures: UMaT to Benefit from MIIF's 20 Million Cedis Annual Scholarship for Women in Mining


Source: UMaT

Ghana's Minerals Income and Investment Fund (MIIF) has taken a significant step towards empowering young women in Ghana’s mining communities by launching an annual scholarship worth 20 million Cedis. This generous initiative is specifically aimed at supporting girls from these communities who are pursuing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) programmes at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels at the University of Mines and Technology (UMaT).

Speaking at the launching ceremony, Mr Edward Nana Yaw Koranteng, Chief Executive Officer of MIIF said the scholarship aims to bridge the gender gap in STEM fields which have historically been male-dominated, with various barriers preventing equal participation from women. According to Mr Koranteng, the MIIF’s Women in Mining scholarship scheme seeks to address this disparity by providing financial assistance to girls who show promise in these critical areas of study.

Mr. Koranteng said that by focusing on students from mining communities, the initiative not only promotes gender equality but also invests in the regions that contribute significantly to the country's mineral wealth.

The Scholarships also underscore MIIF's commitment to harnessing women's educational potential and will foster a new generation of skilled professionals who can contribute to technological advancements and innovation within the mining industry and beyond. The move also aligns with global efforts to enhance diversity and inclusion in STEM fields, recognizing the unique perspectives and talents that women bring to these disciplines.

The impact of this scholarship goes beyond financial assistance. It sends a powerful message of encouragement to young girls, showing them that their ambitions in STEM are valid and achievable. With this support, recipients can focus on their education without the burden of financial stress, ultimately contributing to a more skilled and diverse workforce for the future.

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