Spotlight: Celebrating Excellence in Research


Congratulations to our Coordinator of the Economics Department, Dr. Olatunde Julius Omokanmi, for the successful publication of their research paper in WILEY! This groundbreaking work, featured in the prestigious Natural Resources Forum (NRF-A United Nation Sustainable Development Journal) underscores their unwavering dedication and expertise. This significant achievement adds valuable insights to our global scholarly community. 

???? Research Title:
"The moderating roles of healthcare expenditure in the fossil fuel consumption- mortality rate conflicts in fossil fuel-dependent sub-Saharan African countries"

1. Olatunde Julius Omokanmi: Department of Economics, Thomas Adewumi University, Oko, Kwara State, Nigeria.
2. Ridwan Lanre Ibrahim: Department of Economics, University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria. 
3. Olumide Olusegun Olaoye: Advanced Research Centre, European University of Lefke, Mersin, Turkey.
Join us in celebrating this remarkable achievement and the continuous pursuit of academic excellence at Thomas Adewumi University!

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