University of Ibadan Anti-Cultism Campaign Committee Chairperson Advises Young Learners

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Source: University of Ibadan

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The Chairperson of the Anti-Cultism Campaign Committee at the University of Ibadan Centre for Social Orientation (CenSo), Prof. Helen A. Labeodan has urged secondary school students to integrate the "Omoluabi" concept into their everyday lives.

Prof. Labeodan explained that the term 'Omoluabi' describes an individual of good character, embodying qualities such as courage, hard work, humility, and respect. She noted that an Omoluabi is a person of honour who exemplifies these virtues in society.

This message was conveyed on her behalf by Dr. Olumuyiwa Adejumobi, Hall Warden of Independence Hall, during an anti-cultism campaign visit to Ebenezer African Church Grammar School, Inalende and I.M.G. Grammar School, Oje-Igosun in Ibadan.

Prof. Labeodan emphasized that the 'Omoluabi' concept represents the highest standards of personal integrity and character, encouraging students to adopt these values in their daily lives to avoid engaging in any anti-social behaviour.

 Emphasizing the saying "egbe buburu n ba iwa rere je" (bad company ruins good character), she counseled the students to focus on their visions and goals, ensure they do not succumb to bullying, truancy, disobedience to parents or school authorities, substance abuse, hooliganism, prostitution, cultism, and similar misbehaviours.

Other members of the campaign committee also advised the students to consider the repercussions of every anti-social behaviour and to shun them.

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